The Bright Future of Onra Host


I’m here today to talk to you about the bright future ahead of us at Onra Host. We’re currently in the middle of the biggest expansion in our company’s history. We’re working on setting up a lot of new services, performing some upgrades, replacing some hardware, and making Onra Host an overall better experience.

Upgrades and Migrations

We’ve been in business for a while. Historically, we always did our best to keep our hardware up to date. This includes regular upgrades of network equipment, hot-swapping defective drives, and using modern hardware whenever adding new nodes. Having said that, we do have a lot of hardware in production that’s been running for 4 or more years. A lot of this equipment needs to be upgraded.

We have a lot of upgrades planned out. By the end of summer 2016, we plan to have every Onra Host account running on a brand new server. This includes all virtual servers, shared accounts, and reseller accounts. At Onra Host, we believe in quality over profits. We are completely willing to spend the money necessary to give our clients a top-quality service.

The Plan

Step 1: Clustered DNS
The first thing we will be doing is setting up a DNS cluster. This will allow for easier migrations, as well as more redundancy. There will be 2 nameservers- one at our Los Angeles datacenter, and one at our Garden City datacenter. All DNS zones will be synchronized to these 2 servers. We will recommend to all of our clients that they update their domains (and custom nameservers) to use these servers instead.

Step 2: New cPanel Domain
As our existing clients are aware, we don’t have Onra Host listed anywhere on our cPanel servers. This is because of our reseller services. In order to provide a truly whitelabel service, we have an alternate domain name in use for our cPanel servers’ hostnames. The problem with this is the domain is very long – 16 characters (not including the tld!) We have decided to use a new, shorter domain name (this one is only 5 characters). We will be rolling out this domain on our nameservers, and all new cPanel servers.

Step 3: Northeastern United States Consolidation and Upgrade
We currently have multiple servers, each at about 40% capacity, spanning across the northeastern United States. However, 40% is a stunning number, considering the size of these servers. Each one of these servers have a very small capacity by 2016’s standards. That’s not the only problem with these servers. Although the servers are in great shape, the datacenters we are using leave something to be desired. We’ve experienced a lot of issues over the past few months that were very far outside of our control. We like being in control of as many factors as possible. As such, we’ve chosen a much more powerful datacenter, and we’ve decided to consolidate everything from these servers, into a few, much more powerful, servers at the new Garden City, NY location.

Step 4: West Coast cPanel Server Upgrade
After the northeast is settled, we will be handling the west coast. Each one of our Los Angeles servers will be replaced with a much more powerful one in a new datacenter. This will be a one-for-one upgrade, there will be no consolidation.

Step 5: Xen HDD, Xen SSD, and KVM HDD Upgrades
Prior to this plan being developed, we migrated our KVM SSD clients to our new Garden City location. At this point, we will be setting up new servers with similar specs to the KVM SSD servers for our Xen HDD, Xen SSD, and KVM HDD clients. These 3 services are located in Los Angeles at the current time. We will be offering this service in both New York and Los Angeles. Each client will have their choice of the two datacenters. The specs we are looking at are:

  • E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz
  • 2333MHz DDR4 RAM
  • Samsung 850 PRO SSDs (for SSD)
  • Western Digital Black (for HDD)

After we have these steps completed, we will be taking full advantage of our new datacenters. We will be offering new, creative, and innovative serivces to our clients.

If you have any questions about these plans, reach out to us! Simply open up a support ticket by sending an email to support [@]

Here at Onra Host, we’re going the extra mile for you.

Thank you for your loyalty and years of patronage to Onra Host – here’s to many more years!

Zack Magee
President, Onra Host Corp.